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The Treasures of Kenya: Unity in Diversity!

Kenya’s key landscapes comprise of desert, rainforest, savannah, bushland, fertile highlands, a tropical coastline, salt- and fresh water lakes, volcanoes and not to forget: snow covered Mount Kenya! The incredible natural diversity of the 47 Counties is mirrored by an equally versatile cultural landscape of 42 African peoples and immigrants from Arabia, Asia and Europe. Both, the natural setting with its flora and fauna, as well as man-made achievements, whether culturally or economically, constitute Kenya’s Treasures. The incredible diversity of Kenya’s treasures is a huge asset and a promise for the future, so long as peace, respect, tolerance and cooperation – in short: Unity in Diversity – is cherished and lived.


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Evidently, a good picture tells a story. But beyond the obvious, there is a photographer’s tale of how the picture came about and how it was crafted technically. Be moved by a new image every day, fall in love with Kenya, and improve your photographic skills looking over Hardy Fiebig’s shoulder.

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On this site, we are preparing to publish a hub for inspiration and information serving all those who want to set out to experience Kenya’s treasures in real. Soon, here you will find image galleries with impressions from all 47 Kenyan Counties, background information, travel tips and much more, all helping to plan for your next trip!

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Road & Studio Stories

What is the story of the warrior on the title of the book? How did the history of the Treasures of Kenya unfold? Which adventures and challenges did the Treasure Team encounter during their expeditions all over Kenya and in long studio sessions at Hazina House, their HQ’s? Read their personal accounts of the past decade.

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