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The Treasure Team

The core team behind “The Treasures of Kenya” – the Treasure Hunters, so to speak – is a gang of friends from varied backgrounds. We are all patriotic visionaries and photo and travel enthusiasts sharing the passion for Kenya as well as a long professional history in sustainable tourism, research, documenting, campaigning, marketing and book making.

Ali Lempaso Lepalo

Ali is one of the three founding members of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust and serves as the Secretary to the Board ever since. Having always been convinced that “The Treasures of Kenya” may significantly contribute to Kenya’s sustainable development, he has dedicated both, his heart blood and professional career to the project during past years. Though originally studying law, he grew into the position of a social media manager and website editor for “The Treasures of Kenya”. Since Ali participated in most research trips, he is one of our senior researchers and content creators, besides taking up the role of a liaison person for many of our partners and friends all over Kenya. Having grown up on the shores of Lake Turkana and being the founding days’ curator of NMK’s Desert Museum in Loiyangalani, Ali has developed a mind blowing expertise on traditional culture and pastoralist lifestyles.

Benadate Kirigo

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Bena dreams of conserving the environment and at the same time leaving a positive mark in the tourism industry through her engagement for “The Treasures of Kenya”. Her functions in the project at this point majorly comprise of administrative tasks. Also, she plans and organizes our events and undertakes online and in situ research. This bouquet of tasks offers her the chance to live up to her many skills and passions, from organizing to traveling and conservation. Her ambition, dedication and positive mindset are always an inspiration for the whole team! Bena’s home lies in Narok.

Boniface Wanyera

Bonny is one of the three founding members of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust and served as the Treasurer to the Board until end of 2013, when he moved with his family to Eldoret. On his return to greater Nairobi in early 2017, the team was happy to have him back as a skillful strategist and exceptionally creative mind with output in versatile fields ranging from painting to writing and product design. Bonny is majorly in charge of running the crowd funding campaign of “The Treasures of Kenya” as well as the production of the rewards and our merchandise. He, too is an important link man for our ever growing cloud of contacts. His love for Kenya as well as the passion for climbing Mt. Kenya and traveling the country stem from the days he was running a backpacker’s in a Nairobi middle class suburb that gained insider fame – long before AirBNB became fashionable.


Hardy Fiebig

Hardy is the third founding member of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust and the Chairman to the Board from hour one. After having explored Kenya thoroughly during uncounted research trips for a very comprehensive tourism guide book, he came up with the initial idea for “The Treasures of Kenya”. Hardy is the resident photographer of the project and brings on board his extensive experience in writing, design, book making and marketing. In recognition of his efforts to market Kenya through his books and public speaking, he was declared Honorary Ambassador for Tourism of the Republic of Kenya in 2006. He feels that “The Treasures of Kenya” offers him a chance to live up to the ambassadorship’s call of duty. Hardy’s homes lie in Ngong Town and Cologne, Germany, making him the trailblazer to expand our reach in Europe.

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Josiah Kabiru Wang’ang’a

Kabiru came into our team only recently. Having a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and tourism, a Master’s degree in environmental policy, as well as professional experience with TARA, the Trust for African Rock Art and NMK, the National Museums of Kenya, we all feel that he is the right man to reinforce us and help with propelling our activities. His current key fields of responsibility comprise of planning and preparing our research and documentation activities, being of support to the remaining field missions with his rich work and travel experience, and develop our fund raising with institutional and corporative partners. Kabiru’s home is in Langata Rongai.

Margaret Mulandi

Margaret has been a member of the Treasure team since the very early stages, before taking over as the Treasurer to the Board of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust in the beginning of 2014. As a good Kenyan mother and house wife, she is an accurate calculator who is always in full control of our books and budgets. Not only because of her important financial role, but also for her unshakable reliability, honesty, trustworthiness, kindness and optimism she truly is Mama Hazina, the Mother of the Treasures, and an unshakable bedrock in all kinds of troubles. Margaret looks after our house and offices, she is the welcoming and helpful host to the guests who stay with us, and her delicious cooking keeps us strong, focused and in good spirit. She was born and grew up in Makueni.

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