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Under the patronage of Hon. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism

The Treasure Syndicate

Publisher and producer of “The Treasures of Kenya” book is The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd., a Kenyan company which evolved as the corporate sister of The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust, providing tourism and image marketing and consultancy services.


The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd.

The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd. is a Kenyan company providing tourism and image marketing and consultancy services for both, public and corporate clients.

Originally, the marketing and consultancy services had been carried out by The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust. But with growing success and intensity, it was felt by the Board, that the Trust better concentrated on its philanthropic mission, while business activities should be outsourced to a sister corporation. The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust continues to benefit directly from the profits of The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd.

Services and Products

The services and products of The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd. comprise of:

  • distinguished design and layout of logos, brochures etc.
  • informative and moving texting for all kind of media, including slogans
  • quality print products
  • emotional stock and on-demand photography, including aerial shooting
  • functional and stylish state-of-the-art websites
  • tourism and marketing consultancy, including research and assessment, developing tourism marketing profiles, and consulting on marketing, product development and sustainability aspects

Also, The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd. acts as a publisher, releasing top quality merchandising products, like the 50 Treasures Postcard Collection and “The Treasures of Kenya” book.


Experienced resident staff and a healthy network of partners

The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd.’s name indicates that both, an experienced resident staff, as well as a healthy network of partner corporations and freelance professionals from different fields guarantee maximum flexibility and a large assortment of quality services at fair prices to meet clients’ needs. Previously sailing under the flag of the Trust, the team of The Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd. has been working for clients ranging from reputed organisations such as Kenya Tourist Board, the East African Community, Fairtrade and GIZ, to hotels and private companies as well as several Kenyan County governments.
The company is based in Ngong Town, at the western fringes of Kenya‘s capital Nairobi.

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