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Under the patronage of Hon. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism as the major governmental institution and policy maker with the mission to develop, market and manage sustainable tourism in Kenya is greatly supporting “The Treasures of Kenya” project.

The principal counterpart on the government side

At a very early stage, the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Najib Balala, recognised the enormous potential of “The Treasures of Kenya” for image marketing and tourism promotion and assured his wholehearted support. The team behind the book is proud und happy that Hon. Najib Balala accepted the patronage for “The Treasures of Kenya”, declaring it a project “of national importance”. The Ministry of Tourism is the principal counter part on the side of the Central Government. Its role can not be overrated, for the Ministry according to its
mission to develop, market and manage sustainable tourism in Kenya,
delivers an essential input of its tremendous experience and knowledge, facilitates necessary permissions and helps with making important contacts. Moreover, the Ministry of Tourism is acquiring “The Treasures of Kenya” for its activities promoting and marketing Kenya, and covering up for a substantial print number of books.

Follow-up on the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Kenya

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