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In line with its philanthropic mission and goals, the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust is the force behind the educational drive of “The Treasures of Kenya” to equip Kenyan schools with the “The Treasures of Kenya” book. But there is much more worth knowing about the organisation that was founded back in 2011.


An idea born in 2009

The idea of the 50 Treasures of Kenya was originally born in 2009, when Hardy Fiebig was on a research expedition for one of his Kenya guide books. It led to the founding of the philanthropic 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust in mid 2011 by Boniface Wanyera as the Treasurer, Ali Lempaso Lepalo as the Secretary and Hardy Fiebig as the Chairman of the Board. Margaret Mulandi took over as Treasurer of the Trust in January 2014.

A profound tourism information and marketing channel

As a result of the numerous research and documentation expeditions, the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust has developed a vast tourism knowledge and outstanding research skills. Its expertise has been put to service for researching, documenting and marketing several Kenyan Counties. Over the course of the past five years, the vivid social media channels of the Trust have been cherished as a reliable source of information on matters of conservation and sustainable tourism in Kenya. The 50 Treasures’ team is covering a constant demand for tourism information and consulting by companies and private persons from within and outside of the country.

The mid and longterm goals

The mid and longterm goals of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust beyond the Golden Jubilee are to inspire Kenyans with exploring their country, exposing the many unknown Kenyan regions to foreign travellers and to contribute to a fairer image of Kenya abroad. Moreover, it is the aim of the Trust to promote sustainable tourism that enables local communities – the guardians of Kenya’s treasures – to benefit from it, while lobbying for the protection of Kenya’s natural and cultural heritage.

Free books for Kenyan educational institutions

As the first philanthropic campaign in line with the above mentioned goals, the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust is starting a fund raising drive in order to supply libraries of Kenyan schools, universities and other educational institutions with free copies of the “The Treasures of Kenya” book. In order to support this meaningful work, part of the returns which are generated by the book are donated to the Trust.

A special birthday present to Kenyans

For the following two and a half years, together with a growing team of volunteers, the Trust travelled to all corners of Kenya to identify and document Kenya’s 50 biggest attractions – one Treasure for each year of independence. Initially, the packaging of Kenya’s stunning beauty in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic was meant as a birthday present to all Kenyans. Through photographic exhibitions, a high quality postcard series, newspaper, magazine and web publications, appearances in radio and TV-programs, live lectures and social media activities, the Trust successfully displayed the beauty of Kenya to its citizens. Numerous travellers, marketers and tourism professionals from Kenya and abroad have been inspired by the work of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust, and use it as a travel resource to date.

Future focus: Young Kenyans

Since Kenya’s Golden Jubilee of Independence, the Trust has realigned in order to strengthen its educational impact. The focus of future activities will be laid on giving young Kenyans a better understanding of their country, to sharpen their eyes for Kenya’s natural beauty, to awaken their passion for travelling, and to support their engagement in conservation.

The Trust’s role in producing and marketing the book

Since the book project is completely in line with the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust’s goals and values, and the Trust directly participates in its success, it happily supports the production and marketing activities for “The Treasures of Kenya” with its infrastructure, manpower, expertise, knowledge, experience, network, media channels and good reputation, forming the backbone of production and marketing, and creating a classic win-win situation.

Supporting the work of the Trust

In case you want to support the work of the Trust, you could buy a copy of the book. Or you could donate for the Trust’s drive to supply all schools with a free copy of “The Treasures of Kenya” so that young Kenyans get more knowledge and a better vision of their country.

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