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The Drivers

“Two camels carry you through any desert: Patience and humour.”
Arabian Proverb


The Treasure Syndicate

Publisher and producer of “The Treasures of Kenya” book is the Treasure Syndicate (K) Ltd., a Kenyan company which evolved as the corporate sister of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust, providing tourism and image marketing and consultancy services.

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The Treasure Team

The core team behind “The Treasures of Kenya” – the Treasure Hunters, so to speak – is a gang of friends from varied backgrounds. We are all patriotic visionaries and photo and travel enthusiasts sharing the passion for Kenya as well as a long professional history in sustainable tourism, research, documenting, campaigning, marketing and book making.

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The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust

In line with its philanthropic mission and goals, the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust is the force behind the educational drive to equip Kenyan schools with the “The Treasures of Kenya” book. But there is much more worth knowing about the organisation that was founded back in 2011.

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The Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism as the major governmental institution and policy maker with the mission to develop, market and manage sustainable tourism in Kenya is greatly supporting “The Treasures of Kenya” project.

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