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“Adventurous drive into the unknown” by Hardy Fiebig
Two cars travelling through Ilemi Triangle in Turkana County, the northernmost, hardly known region of Kenya bordering South Sudan and Ethiopia.
I took this shot when we were on a research mission for Turkana County and on our way from Kakuma to Kaikwor. For hours, we drove through rather monotonous plains, having lost our way in notorious ‘mathenge’ thorn tree thickets until the Lokwanamoru Mountain Range emerged on the horizon. The reddish chain grew bigger and we finally traversed it on a small pass, leaving the dropping sun in our backs.
As the light got more magic every minute, I was constantly spinning my head to look for motifs for a proper sunset shot. Although we were in a rush to reach our destination, I asked the drivers to throw me out and return a couple of hundred of metres before coming towards me again at maximum speed. I wanted the cars to swirl up a lot of dust which the low sunlight from behind would turn into epic orange clouds. “Please make sure to turn on your flashlights!” was my last instruction, since I thought this should give the image the final touch to express our situation: “An adventurous drive into the unknown”…

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