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The “Know Kenya” Campaign should be far more than “just” delivering copies of the book to Kenyan schools and educational institutions. We feel that it could be connected to developing, drafting and testing innovative teaching materials and extra curriculum activities. We would like to invite people and institutions from various backgrounds to sign up to this cause with us.


Get on the bus for the “Know Kenya” safari with us!

The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust aims to develop its activities alongside with the mid- and longterm “Treasure Kenya” educational program, of which the “Know Kenya” Campaign is only the first step of a journey that goes far beyond simply supplying free copies of the book to Kenyan schools and other educational institutions.
We envision an exciting and fulfilling safari which we hope to undertake together with numerous partners, be they interested individuals, innovative researchers, supportive philanthropic organisations, governmental institutions and – most importantly – inspired educators, aspiring schools and engaged parents who recognise the pedagogic value and potential.
During the initial stage, we intend to develop, test, assess and optimize the content, procedures and toolsets of the “Know Kenya Campaign” with above mentioned partners. The following step would be about implementing the campaign with a limited number of pilot partner schools from upper primary (Standard 4-8), secondary school, college and/or university levels, before rolling out the campaign on a much broader scale.


The way forward

After having developed an initial concept for the “Know Kenya Campaing” we propose the following steps for its development and implementation:

  • Call for applications from interested schools and other educational institutions, parents, educational experts, university and college students, activists and concerned organisations, to take part in the developing and co-driving of the “Know Kenya Campaign”
  • Form of a working group and undertake workshops for developing and writing the detailed campaign and program proposals
  • Develop, draft and test teaching materials and activities
  • Approach potential funding partners
  • Run fund raiser and crowdfunding campaigns
  • Identify pilot schools for initial tests and implementation
  • Conduct handing-over ceremonies at pilot partner schools for the book
  • Commence follow-up activities

If you are interested in participating as an individual, innovative researcher, supportive philanthropic organisation or governmental institution, please contact us below and drop us a line. For schools and their staff, please refer to the next paragraph.

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Become a partner school, apply for a free copy

What would qualify an interested school to become a pilot partner school?
The set of features we consider as supportive are:

  • A team of engaged and inspired teachers and a school board with a vision for innovations
  • A record of extra curriculum activities and school clubs in culture, nature, environment, conservation, sports, creativity and/or other fields
  • A school library

As a potential Pilot Partner School, we would like to ask you to supply us with some vital information by filling out the form below.

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