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Under the patronage of Hon. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism


The “Know Kenya” Campaign is a drive by the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust to equip schools and other educational institutions in the country with a free copy of “The Treasures of Kenya” book, so that young Kenyans may take steps towards knowing, exploring, protecting and celebrating the natural and cultural heritage of their country.


Why knowing Kenya is important

Kenya’s exceptional speed of development puts a number of its treasures at the risk of vanishing even before they are fully recognised as such. As a consequence, to the understanding of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust it is key to promote the knowledge about our country’s cultural and natural heritage and to inspire Kenyans to travel, explore and enjoy it. Only once properly cherishing the treasures, safeguarding them for good can be valued as vital and be successfully pursued. At the same time, the growing domestic tourism will enable local communities – the ultimate custodians of Kenya’s treasures – to benefit through the natural and cultural heritage, turning them into important partners for conservation. The pride about Kenya’s diversity and beauty, the understanding of how precious and important the treasures are for defining our identity as Kenyans might prove to be their best protection.

The significance of reaching out to young Kenyans

The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust considers it as its mission to lobby for the conservation of Kenya’s heritage, and for various reasons to assign young Kenyans an essential role in it. Firstly, the youth and succeeding generations will become the inheritors of Kenya’s cultural and natural resources and should learn from the elder generations about their inheritance in good time. Secondly, the curiosity, fascination, energy, thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm of young Kenyans can be a promising resource and a great aide to our collective responsibility in protecting the treasures for posterity. Thirdly and lastly, as future farmers, conservationists, teachers, businessmen, doctors, scientists and decision makers of our country, the challenging task of conservation will eventually move from our hands to our children’s hands, and we should prepare them the best we can to live up to this task.
For the above given reasons, the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust’s educational efforts focus much on young Kenyans, whilst “The Treasures of Kenya” book is seen a convenient entry point to raise an initial interest for the natural and cultural heritage at an early age. And we feel that the book is an effective tool to grow their understanding for the country, sharpen young eyes for Kenya’s natural beauty, awaken a passion for travelling, and support the engagement in conservation.


Benefits of bringing the Book into schools

Supplying Kenyan schools and other educational facilities with the book will bring about educational, social and conservation benefits in the short-, mid- and longterm.

Since “The Treasures of Kenya” is written in a popular informative style easily understandable to a wide spectrum of learners as well through its emotive images,

  • the Book can supplement many teaching programs in schools as a knowledge resource, including geography, history and cultural studies and thus will be an exciting learning aid and source of information for both, educators and learners alike
  • the Book can connect to, inspire and support many extra curriculum activities, such as school outings or nature and conservation groups, and thus helping in developing important skills, like environmental awareness, team work and responsibility
  • the Book will present Kenya’s rich and incredibly diverse natural and cultural heritage to young Kenyans, helping them to develop a better vision of their country and strengthening patriotic emotions

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