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Description of the book

“The Treasures of Kenya” is a visual encyclopaedia inviting you on a virtual safari through Kenya.

A visual encyclopedia and a kenya safari

For the first time in history, a large formate premium quality book titled “The Treasures of Kenya” will be published, displaying all Kenyan regions and Counties. Its unprecedented content and quality will contribute significantly to painting a new winning image of Kenya. Superb photography, knowledgeable essays and artful satellite image maps turn the book into a visual encyclopaedia which invites Kenyans and the world alike to explore and learn about the many unknown facts and facets of Kenya. Studying Kenya through “The Treasures of Kenya” is neither dry nor boring, for the book takes the readers on a virtual safari which makes them awe at the diversity of Kenya’s peoples and cultures, of known and unknown landscapes, nature paradises and attractions. Moreover, “The Treasures of Kenya” does show Kenya as a striving nation with all its efforts and successes in development and economic excellence.

Kenya – a safe country of plenty

To the world, the obvious message of the book is: Kenya is safe; Kenya is a very dynamic country with a fast development, a vibrant economy, plenty of business opportunities and a vivid civil society; Kenya is extremely diverse, culturally and naturally; Kenya is a holiday destination, where visitors can live up to their passions, be them nature, sports, culture or lifestyle; Kenya is the country where you can travel in luxury and comfort or go out for own explorations and adventures; and last but not least: Kenya is the country of people with overwhelming hospitality and friendliness. To Kenyans, the underlying message of the book is, that the incredible diversity of Kenya is a huge asset and a promise for the future, so long as peace, respect, tolerance and cooperation – in short: Unity in Diversity – is cherished and lived.

The best of a quarter million of photographs

Both, the profound knowledge and the artistic images that make up “The Treasures of Kenya” have been collected over a timespan of a quarter of a century. Well above a hundred thousand kilometres on dusty tracks and tarmac roads were necessary in order to gather pictures and information in all corners of Kenya for this truly historic undertaking, as well as adventurous travels on foot, by motorbike, 4WD, boat, plane, helicopter and quadrocopter. On completion, the book will hold the very best 750 exposures from an archive of more than a quarter million photographs.

Generous Layout

“The Treasures of Kenya” book has a generous layout that allows both, the fine photography and the superior printing quality to take its effect on the reader. All photo pages are accompanied by brief descriptions for quick overview and extended essays for deeper insights. The attractive satellite image maps in the book have been skilfully composed from a mosaic of hundreds of single photographies from the orbit, matching the standard of optical impression and the in-depth information of both, images and essays. “The Treasures of Kenya” book is a visual feast, a must-have for Kenya- and Africa-lovers – and yes, a Treasure in itself!

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